Welcome to Irregular Books! We are independent publishers of ebooks and real-books on a variety of topics.

Irregular Books is an online publishing and book production outfit, created and managed by John Conway and C. M. Kosemen.

For a number of years, we have been inspired by beautifully illustrated books about strange and wonderful things.

Seeing that not many were being produced, we decided to make some ourselves.



The Biology, Evolution, and Mythology of Hidden Animals

By John ConwayC. M. Kosemen and Dr. Darren Naish

Cryptozoologicon is a celebration of the myths, legends, evolution and biology of hidden animals. Always sceptical, but always willing to indulge in speculative fun, Cryptozoologicon aims to provide a new way to approach cryptozoology: as fictional biology.

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All Yesterdays

Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals

By John ConwayC. M. Kosemen and Dr. Darren Naish with skeletal drawings by Scott Hartman

Our first book, "All Yesterdays" is an illustrated survey of possibilities and details we might be overlooking in contemporary reconstructions of extinct animals. In two parts, we examine speculative possibilities that may not have been preserved in the fossil record, and muse on what future palaeontologists may think when reconstructing animals that live today.

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All Your Yesterdays

Extraordinary Visions of Extinct Life by a New Generation of Palaeoartists

By C. M. Kosemen with images by dozens of contributing artists

A sequel to All Yesterdays, this book is based on the compilation of entries we received for the "All Your Yesterdays" contest of 2013, where we asked artists around the world to illustrate speculative but plausible ideas about dinosaurs and other extinct animals. From herbivores behaving badly to mimicry, parasitism, bizarre displays and even birth defects, here are visions of prehistoric creatures as you never expected to see them, from some of the best new talents in the field of palaeontological art.All Your Yesterdays dwells further into the world of rational speculation with in-depth explanation and scientific references about each artwork.